Sunday, November 12, 2006


Needed time to clear my mind
breathe the free air find some peace there
I used to keep my heart in jail
but the choice was love or fear of pain and

cos everything is energy and energy is you and me...

Light shines in through an open window
shines inside your heart and soul and
light will guide your way through time
and love will help you heal your mind and

cos everything is energy and energy is you and me...

this song really makes me melt inside, i am pretty sure everyone can relate to the lyrics..
another one of anathema's masterpieces..

you're my everything =)

*Anathema - Everything

Friday, May 12, 2006

oppression at its worst

sadly, it isn't considered news anymore..anyone who makes the slightest attempt at voicing their opinion is locked away..the egyptian government has driven everyone to their entire population locked away..some in prison cells and most in their own minds..trying to cope with the burdens that the government tries hard at enforcing to keep everyone's minds off the wide-spread's becoming too much to take..they are constantly filling everyone with anger..and while there are people out there who are screaming at the top of their voices to make a change..everyone else is under the effect of the government's hypnosis..i just hope they wake up in time and realise that while they are sitting there in the comfort of their own homes there are others who are sleeping on cold prison floors being deprived of their simplest rights just so they could improve the country's condition..may their sufferings be a wake-up call for anyone who chose to mind their own business in fear of prosecution..RELEASE THEM..ITSN'T THEM THAT SHOULD BE LOCKED AWAY..

UPDATE: Google-bombing for Alaa (googlebombingforalaa):

Friday, April 07, 2006

a hidden smile..
sometimes we are blessed with so many precious things..but because we always take life for granted we don't realise their meanings..strike that..we do actually realise what they mean..only too late..when we lose them..i've always referred to that as the 'irony of life' !! i've always valued my friends..i could never really bear the thought of losing a friend or not seeing them for months or even years..too bad i lost too many friends both willingly and just takes a turn and..well like it or are turning with it..the idea of moving from country to country has always been horrifying for me..i mean how could one be so nomadic..especially me..i get extremely attached to places and things in absolutely no time!! but hell..i did it..i moved and lived and seen and met and lost..its an endless just need to know how to make proper use of it..the other day i remembered one of my best-friends..we had gotten very close i could have sworn we were soul-mates..we could literally communicate in eye language! i gotta tell you there was something really special between us..we could have been friends forever..but who was i fooling..i haven't seen her for two years..maybe even more..we used to call and sms at first..gradually losing touch..then it was talking online whenever we getta thing you know..we are 'missed-calling'..i don't know anything about her nor does she about the sad part is..i was thinking if i had gotten a chance to meet up with her again..after all this..what would it be like..i came to the sudden realisation that we'd probably sit there staring at each other with hardly anything to say..strangers..once closer than ever..that's just pure irony! sad as it is..i moved new friends..maybe am actually getting more used to the idea that nothing lasts forever..but hey..why whine about it when it's really a lot better than it sounds..i think it's the best feeling in the world when you know there is someone out there who genuinely cares..would do anything to put a smile on your face..basically wants nothing in return..just you being you and you being happy..if you have got that..let me tell you..don't you ever waste a single moment fretting or worrying about something when you shouldn't be..enjoy the moment..look right through it's life's hidden smile

Sunday, March 26, 2006

an incomplete circle..
its amazing how life is so incomplete..and humans are the farthest thing from perfection.
i have always used this human trait as my excuse for all my 'wrong-doings' . now what really makes me wonder is how unfair life just will never get what you want..NEVER..i did not mean this in the literal sense..what i meant is you'll just simply never feel satisfied..i am not quite sure if its our fault that we are greedy by nature and are never satisfied with what we have..or is it really that life never gives us what we want..a lot of times i feel i pay a price for every happy moment i kind of made me want to avoid happy moments! i really believe it's true..for every moment of fun there's at least double the amount spent grieving..its just something i noticed in everyone's lives..however pessimistic it sounds it really makes sense..even if you are one of those pretend people who go about living their care-free lives..we all have something missing whether it be money..material posessions..or's just that people's priorities differ..and strangely what comes as highest priority is always what we don't have! i don't think that's a coincidence. it's really weird how all humans have this urge for perfection although we are never actually getting there! but most people spend their lives trying to find their missing part(s) and in some cases even working their asses off to get just close to it. am not sure if that's what we should spend our lives doing..but then again if itsn't that..then what is it?! am not gonna answer that question..maybe because if i had known the answer i wouldn't be up tonight blogging! am just gonna sit back and watch my life unfold..maybe at the end i'll find out what i was supposed to do..well don't we always find out at the end..

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

*clears voice* my 1st post:
its a pretty dull night..i think i caught a cold *cough* and i just had my chocolate quota for the day and it sure as hell lifted my spirits!! am such a 'chocolate' extremely addicted I can have chocolate with just around anything..after meals..before meals..snacks..even meals!! Its 4 am and i am really's really annoying when you try to sleep but you really can't and you just stay up in bed staring at the ceiling then suddenly all those weird thoughts come to mind..and for some strange reason..everything that I hate thinking about comes to mind when I can't sleep..which in turn makes it even harder to get to sleep..then I start trying to figure out anything better to do than just lay there in bed but i fail..sometimes I end up listening to the local radio stations..which is let alone quite an experience! They air the dumbest shows on the planet down here on egyptian radio..and they have just about the lamest presenters ever..ohh i just remembered that silly show they air every fortnight..its just hilarious really!! I gotta admit the presenter has quite a strong masculine voice that would make you wanna listen for a while..till you realise what the guy's saying!! The show's about love, relationships and problems etc..etc..Thing is with our wacky egyptian culture this is like some kind of taboo..firstly the show starts at midnight up until 2 am..and for some reason all the callers are girls!! a lot of them don't like to mention their names and talk in some hushed voice like their parents are sitting trying to eavsdrop in the next room! and goodie-goodie between each caller they put on what i'd call 'cheesy-love-song-of-the-day' nightmare is it keeps going on and on..and on..*yawn* that is just an example of how lame the local radio can of course tune into the one and only 'sort-of' decent music channel..but i'd rather listen to people helps me get to sleep faster lol..come think of it..i should be getting up in 8 hours..I should probably go get tucked in..*yaaawwwwnnnn* oh well..tada for now